Publishing Application and Packages in System center 2012 Software center

Publishing Office 2010 in SCCM 2012 Software Center.

For Publishing Softwares in SCCM 2012 Software center you have to install  2 roles which is Application Catalog Web servcie Point and Application Catalog Website Point

Here we are going to publish office 2010 for doing that please copy the entire content of the Office 2010 either  in the SCCM 2012 Server or in another server and Shared this folder with Read permission for everyone.

Run the command in Command Prompt for customizing the Office 2010

Which is you have to go to the Office 2010 folder and type “setup/admin”

During the customization you have to enter product Key and License agreement and save this one in the office 2010 updates folder as “CustomFileOffice2010Install”

After that Open the SCCM 2012 go to the software library Open Application Management inside the packages Create new package

Source folder is the Folder which you copied the software.

Select Standard Program Over here

here you have to do same as above picture.

After creating the package you have to distribute the package

For deploy the Software for the System group .Select the deploy Software wizard and choose the group


In the purpose mode select available and rest of the settings set as default



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