Forefront Client security deployment in organizations

Minimum Requirements
1)Forefront client security can install only 32 bit Operating system

2)Require Sql Server 2005 with reporting Services

3)IIS required

4) Only WSUS  console require if you have System center essential or System center configuration manager because multiple WSUS won’t support conflict may come.

Installtion  snap shots first SQl Server 2005.

Forefront Client Security installtion.


There is a error called Install collection Server component

After installing below mentioned packages this issue has been solved

Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 Redistributable Package

Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1

Service pack 1

Microsoft Operations manager 2005 console for install and uninstall forefront agents to clients.

Microsoft Report Viewer redistributable 2008 installation for viewing the status report through WSUS console

WSUS sp2 console installation.

After completing the installation open Microsoft Forefront Client security .In the Policy management Create policies see below.This policy will apply for all domain computers.If you want seperate policy for Clients and Servers you have to create seperate OU in Active directory users and computers in Domain controller.

Forefront Client security Client configuration details

Forefront policy for Server

Forefront client security installation happening through either System Center essential or WSUS server

First connect the WSUS server in the SCE 2010 is the WSUS server you can connect WSUS server through WSUS console in forefront server.

Right click WSUS server and Select new update view

Check mark the Updates are for a specific product there select Forefront client security.

In System Center Essentials you can select from updates forefront client Security updates

For getting the forefront client updates you have to configue WSUS Options Products and Classification select updates

In microsoft security essential 2010 in updates select new updates view and check the applicable with specified products select Forefront Client Security from there

Deployment happen from Microsoft System center through local system windows updates.

For manual installation
From the forefront CD copy the client setup folder to the client machine and go to the command prompt and enter clientsetup folder run clientsetup.exe
For non micrsoft system center 2010 computer (Workgroup computers) do the same method copy the client folder from the forefront CD and in the command prompt select the directory and enter clientsetup /nomom

If there is no internet connection in forefront client installed computers for updating the definitions take the update definitions from the forfront client security updated computer .The path which you take the update files is

In document and settings in Windows XP computer and windows 7 and vista Users All Users .This folder is Hidden for viewing the folder you have to uncheck the folder options the show the hidden files folders then you can see this All users folder.
From there All Users\Microsoft\Microsoft Forefront\Client Security\Client\Antimalware\Definition Updates\open the registry folder which you can see {E14—–} copy the files from there and put it in the non updated computers same path all users but change the location there you can see three folders only (1) Backup (2)Default (3) Updates

Select the default folder and open it and copy these files there.

Now your Organization having full protection of forefront protection.

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