To accomplish the task of requesting a static IP address, you must first download and install the Windows Azure Powershell. This is done via the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.


The virtual machine/s to be assigned static IP addresses must be stopped (de-allocated) in Azure.
The assigning of a static IP is a “request” within Azure and cannot be honored if another virtual machine already holds the IP in question.


After the installation of the Azure Powershell, run the application.


Windows Azure Powershell

Login to your Azure account with the command





This will open a windows login dialog that will allow you to enter your credentials.


Windows Azure Login
Now you need to find the name of the subscription you created your virtual machines under. The command is:




The output will look similar to below.


Azure subscription information
In my case, I will use Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN. The command to select this is:



Select Azure Subscription

Enter your subscription name and then ENTER:

Type the Command

get-azurevm -ServiceName (Cloudname) -Name (VM name) | Set-AzurePublicIP -PublicIPName (Public IP)| Update-AzureVM