Courtsey-http://windowssecrets.com/forums/showthread.php/157500-Windows-7-search-doesn’t-find-text-stringsWindows 7 search doesn’t find text strings

I’m not able to find any text strings starting not from the beginning of word in filename or in file content using Windows 7 search.

My Windows 7 search configuration:

Let’s say I’m searching for a documents containing word “content”.

I’m able to find those documents when searching for “content”, “conte”, “con” (as long as the string includes the beginning of the word).



But if I search for “ontent”, “tent” or any other combination that doesn’t include the beginning of the word, Windows search won’t find it.

I’ve tried other indexing/searching software such as Copernic Desktop search, Google desktop search.
Those programs also weren’t able to find part of the word starting from the middle of the word. For instance, it finds “conte”, but doesn’t find “onte”.

Finds “conte”

Doesn’t find “onte”

I got the same problem using Copernic desktop search.

On the other hand, when I use non-indexing content search software such as Agent Ransack or FileSeek, I get the same results when searching for “conte” or “onte”: