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SMTP Server installation Details

Operating System-Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise SP1

Roles required for SMTP Server


Features Installed For SMTP Server


2) Role administration tools

3) Web server(IIS) tools

4) Feature Administration Tools

5) SMTP Server tools

6) SMTP Server

7) Telnet Client

8) Windows Process Activation Service

9) Process Model

10).net environment

11)Configuration APis

12).net Framework 3.5.1 Features

13).net Framework 3.5.1

14)WCF Activation

15)NON HTTP Activation

Services –SMTP should be put it in Automatic in startup type.

Configuration Details

Open IIS 6.0 Manager

Take the properties of SMTP Virtual Server #1


Go to Access Select Authentication ,Connection and relay and do the below snap settings.




In Domains create one domain called elcome.com and take the properties

Select the Outbound security and do the same configuration as below

And put the Office 365 SMTP Server name in Forward all mail to smart host session