To attempt to add the domain to your Office 365 account, you can use “New-MsolDomain” cmdlet for Windows Powershell.

To attempt to add a domain to your Office 365, follow these instructions. In these instructions, the domain EXAMPLE.SO is going to be added. (.SO is the TLD for Somalia and cannot be added through the Add a domain wizard at the Office 365 administration website)

  1. Make sure you have installed the necessary additions for Windows Powershell to manage Office 365- including Microsoft Online Services Module for Windows PowerShell. Refer to this article for more information: Use Windows Powershell to manage Office 365 .
  2. Open Windows Powershell by opening the link on your desktop “Microsoft Online Services Module for Windows Powershell”. If this link doesn’t appear, search for “Windows Powershell” in Start.
  3. Load the module for Microsoft Online Services into Powershell by typing “import-module MSOnline” (without quotation marks) and press [Enter]. You may skip this step if you opened the “Microsoft Online Services Module for Windows Powershell” link on your desktop.
  4. Connect to your Office 365 account by typing “connect-msolservice” (without quotation marks) in the command module and pressing [Enter].
  5. Submit your administrator login details for your Office 365 account into the dialog box that appears. These are the same details you use to login as an administrator on the Office 365 portal in your browser. You’re now connected to your Office 365 account in Windows Powershell.
  6. Add a domain to your account by using the “New-MsolDomain” cmdlet with the “name” switch to specify the domain you wish to add. e.g. to add EXAMPLE.SO as a domain, type “new-msoldomain -name example.so”  (without quotation marks) and press [Enter].
  7. A summary of the domains you have added will appear in a table with headings Name, Status and Authentication. Your domain will have a status of “Unverified” for the moment.
  8. Close Windows Powershell.
  9. You can now return to the the Office 365 portal in your browser and go through the verification process for your newly added domain. Login into Office 365 as an administrator and select Domains under the Management header in the left menu. Follow the verify link for your newly-added domain to complete the Add a domain wizard as normal.

If you wish to add subdomains for the domain you’ve just added, just follow the steps again. e.g. to add the subdomain LABEL.EXAMPLE.SO, login to Microsoft Online Services through Windows Powershell using the steps above and type “new-msoldomain -name label.example.so” (without quotation marks) and press [Enter].