Hi all,

As all of you know the default send and receive size limits of Exchange 2010 is 10 MB .Here I explain how to increase the send and receive size in Exchange 2010

Firstly go to the Exchange management console under organization configuration choose Hub Transport there you have to go to global settings take the properties of Transport settings in General you can change the size of sens and receive see the picture below

Second thing choose the send connectors from the same menu check the send connectors one is to internet and other one is inbound to your domain there you can enable or set maximum size see the picture below

Third one under Server configuration choose Hub transport take the properties of receive connectors there you can set the maximum message size see the picture below

If you have Edge server in your environment you have to edit these settings also

As all you are aware about default sens abd receive limit is maximum 10 MB those who want above this for outside the organization you have to enable in Edge server also otherwise for Inside the Organisation enogh above settings.

Step 1

Go to the Exchange Management console Select Edge Transport
Choose Receive connectors inside that Default internal receive connector take the properties of that and in General you can set rthe Maximum message size .Default is 10240 .for example if you want 50MB you can set 50240 like now you guys understand how to set send and receive limit.