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For creating San certificate
Firstly we need to have a Certification Authority Server
Install Certificate Authority server on Domain controller
From roles select the service and install it
After installing the certification Authority
Go to the group management Policy
Under the domain select the Default domain policy
Go to the settings tab on the right side
And right click computer configuration and edit
You will get Group Policy Management Editor
Inside the Computer Configuration
Extract –> Windows Settings –> Security Settings –>Public Key Policies.
Select Certificate Services Client enabled the configuration model and Certificate Services Client -Certificate Enrollment Policy.
And same method using User Configuration itself
After that go to the Hub and Client Access servers open Exchange Management console

Server configuration and select Hub and Client access Server on the left hand side
You can see “New Exchange Certificate”

After entering the domain uncheck the Wild card certificate

After that go the Certification Authority server and open the browser and type
//server name/certsrv/

After creating .cer file and copy this file to Hub and Client access server
and go to Exchange mangement console server configuration
Server configuration select Hub and Client acces server and on the right hand side select “Pending Certificate request” and install it on Exchange and after that “Assign Services to certificate”

After compleating you can see below like that