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Edge server should be in the perimeter network that means no need add to Domain

Then install the Server roles by using powershell
Open an elevated Windows PowerShell console, and run the following command:
Import-Module ServerManager enter

then type inside the powershell
Add-WindowsFeature NET-Framework,RSAT-ADDS,ADLDS -Restart

After installing the Microsoft Exchange 2010 Edge server go to Exchange management shell

Create Subscription file for uploading the HUb transport servers

For creating Edge subscription file go to Exchange powershell Type following

new-EdgeSubscription -Filename “C:\Edgeinfo.xml”

Then copy the edge subscription file to the Hub tyransport server in to C:\Edgeinfo.xml

Then In Hub Transport Server Open Exchnage Management console > Organization Configuration>Hub Transport section.
In the action Pane click new edge subscription >edge subscription wizard

Click browse > Select Active Directory site>selecy default

Browse to the location of the Edge subscription file you copied from the Edge transport server and click Next>Finish

verify synchonization to the Edge transport servers AD LDS and review the application log in Event Viewer on both HUB and Edge transport servers.

You can find the New subsciption file inside the C:\ drive